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Centre Pointe

The four cottages that make up the Intermediate Care Facility (ICF/IID) were built in 2002, with an emphasis on providing the space and equipment needed to support individuals with Cerebral Palsy and other developmental disabilities who depend upon wheelchairs for their mobility. Since then, the emphasis has turned to making those buildings a home for the people who live there.

The buildings aren’t what make a home, though. The 185 people that provide the support and care for those that live here are what make the ICF/IID the special place it is. Each cottage has its own management team, its own staff of Direct Support Professionals, and its own Clinical Manager, each dedicated to ensuring the individuals that live there have the supports they need to continually learn to realize their dreams and potentials.

Offering a full array of nursing, dietary, therapeutic, and educational supports, the ICF/IID at Wendell Foster’s Campus is one of the premier facilities in the State of Kentucky supporting people with Cerebral Palsy and other developmental disabilities.

Twenty-four hours a day, complete residential, behavioral, nursing and active treatment services are available to the residents of Centre Pointe. Additionally, therapy services consisting of physical, speech, occupational, vocational and recreation are offered by the facility and through our outpatient rehab facility to all we serve. To empower each resident to realize their dreams and potentials, individualized plans are designed based on their age and level of care. Centre Pointe exemplifies the model of providing healthcare within a social based environment.

Respite care services are available for families when emergencies arise or a well-deserved break is needed. Families interested in these services can contact the Wendell Foster’s Campus for more detail.

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